The Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker for iOS
The Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker is the highly rated Golf Handicap App to provide a USGA Handciap Index. Use DiabloGolf to Post Scores, Reviews and Ratings and track your friends. Annual membership is FREE.
DiabloGolf is the Gold Standard for Mobile Golf Handicap Tracking:
  • View your USGA Handicap Index
  • Post 5 Scores to get a USGA Handicap Index
  • Handicaps are calculated using the USGA Handicap System
  • Post and view your entire score history (an icon will indicate the rounds used to compute your handicap)
  • Post 9 or 18 hole scores, as well as tournament scores (nine hole scores are combined in accordance with USGA guidelines)
  • Course location function uses GPS to find the golf courses nearest you for easy score posting anywhere in the U.S., or select any course found in our database of over 18,000 golf courses
  • The most comprehensive golf course details available
  • You’ll no longer need a handicap card since all scores now reside on our server – a lost or new phone is never a problem, just show up on the tee box and other golfers can see your handicap and scores on your smartphone
  • The tee box dropdown will allow quick score postings with Slope and Rating info – save favorite golf courses and tee boxes for even faster score posting
  • Use social networking functions to easily find other DiabloGolf members, follow your friend’s handicaps, and even recruit new members from your contact list
  • Course Handicap calculator
  • Rate and leave golf course reviews
The Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker is free to join and members will be placed into a club after five score entries.
Check out our FAQ's if you have a question or you are having trouble with our app.