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What Golfers Are Saying
  • Ease of use
    by Blackfyn - Version 3.0.2 - Jan 28, 2013
    How easy is this to keep track of you handicap. No more running into the clubhouse and pinching in all your scores on a napkin from all the courses you have been bouncing around playing. The app always works and I have had to issues with it finding the courses that I play. Also the slope and ratings have always been correct so far also.
  • So easy even a WSU Cougar could do it
    by Husky Golfer - Version 1.053 - Sep 19, 2011
    This App makes posting your scores so easy. No more keeping your cards and traveling to your home course to post scores. This is a must have for all serious golfers!
  • Hole in one!
    by The Dawg Father - Version 1.02 - Jul 30, 2010
    Worked great the first time I used it to post a score. The locate feature pulled up the course I was at and in a matter of seconds I had my score posted. I contacted the development team to suggest they add the city that each course is in since their database is so extensive. They heeded my advice and city names were added in their first update within a week of my suggestion. They're very receptive to how to make this application better. I'm looking forward to new features and improvements.
  • Review
    by Fred Díaz - Version 3.0.2 - Feb 21, 2013
    Great website. I use it weekly and of-course every time I play. I have suggested the site to all my buddies.
  • Sympathy for the Devil
    by Super Harry potter fan - Version 2.07 - Sep 14, 2012
    I use this app to track my handicap and avoid the $50 annual fee that the USGA makes people pay just to record their score and play in sanctioned tournaments. All you really get with their membership is a lame magazine, the honor to be a member, and a marketing effort to make you play from easier tees. I play in a few tournaments with friends a year where I need an index. This App allows you to track your score and monitor your progress. It also can connect to several devices. And the price is right.
  • Review of Diablo
    by LVDAWG - Version 2.07 - Aug 17, 2012
    I'm not a member of any particular club; play variety of courses in Las Vegas, and other places when visiting. This app is perfect for me. Easy to use, with info on every course I've played since beginning to use.
  • Much better than GHIN app
    by Idrillem - Version 2.06 - Apr 28, 2012
    Unfortunately the USGA is having a turf war over handicapping and has stopped allowing us to input scores into GHIN with Diablo. The GHIN app is terrible. You have to enter the course name each time you enter a score. The Diablo app remembers your favorite courses and finds courses near you to expedite your entry. I am forced to use the other app for GHIN handicapping but this app is much better. Really, some people wrote a poor review for this app because of the usga's decision to force us to use their crappy app?.
  • Diablo
    by Gawlphr18 - Version 2.04 - Feb 23, 2012
    Great app. Just came back from a week in Orlando with three buddies. Played 13 rounds in 8 days Every course but one was in the app. We used app to calculate course handicaps and post scores after rounds. All four of us had the app. Highly recommended.
  • EXCELLENT - best handicap app yet
    by J. P. White - Version 1.01 - Jul 14, 2010
    This new update is working perfectly for me. Easy to use and extremely powerful. I have been looking (with limited success) for an app to help me keep my handicap, and I've finally found one that works well and has a great interface. This new version lets me enter my score (for 9 or 18) as I walk off a course, and thanks to the built in GPS, it even knows exactly what course I'm playing. Literally, all I do is type in my score, and the number is posted automatically to the system -- kind of like having the club house computer in your pocket. Most impressive, though, I had an issue with the first version of this software, and when I contacted tech support, I got an immediate response, and they fixed the issue for me, literally overnight. This new version is flawless as far as I can tell. I've shown it to several friends, who have immediately downloaded it and love it as well.
    by Mot Reywas - Version 2.04 - Jan 31, 2012
    This is perhaps the best App I have on my phone...GPS finds the closest club info...quick & a score in under a minute...All of your personal golf info is there when you open the App...VERY reliable! A++++++++++

What is a golf handicap?

Handicap Differential Graph A USGA Handicap Index serves as a snapshot of a player’s scoring potential based on recent performance. It is the number attached to a player’s potential scoring ability in relation to a very skilled player. The lower the USGA Handicap Index, the better the golfer.

Handicaps allow players of different skill levels to compete on relatively even terms on any course. Think of a handicap as a way for a less skilled player to be compensated when competing against a more skilled golfer.

Contrary to common belief, a handicap is not meant to show your average score. It’s actually meant to be a measure of your potential score on a “good day.” Handicaps are revised on the 1st and 15th of each month to track changes in your performance and to reflect your most current potential scoring ability.

Handicap Index vs. Course Handicap

Your golf handicap, or USGA Handicap Index, shouldn’t be confused with a Course Handicap. A Course Handicap represents the number of strokes you’re granted to play to scratch on a specific course and set of tees, while your USGA Handicap Index is the number that follows you to every course and represents your skill level.

Course Handicap is not a static number assigned to a course. Since not all courses are created equal, this will give you the extra strokes you’ll need on a more challenging course, while trimming the strokes you’re allowed on an easier one.

How to Calculate a USGA Handicap Index

A USGA Handicap Index is determined using a method that’s universally recognized. Players don’t often need to do their own calculations, but it’s a good idea to have a fundamental understanding of the formula used.

Equitable Stroke Control

How a USGA Handicap Index is Calculated

The things you will need:
  • Adjusted gross scores (A minimum of 5 scores and a maximum of 20)
  • The Course Rating and Slope Rating of each course these rounds were played on

Step 1: Use the table to determine the number of Handicap Differential(s) to use

Step 2: Determine the Handicap Differential for each acceptable score.

A Handicap Differential is computed from four elements: adjusted gross score, USGA Course Rating, Slope Rating, and 113 (the Slope Rating of a course of standard difficulty). To determine the Handicap Differential, subtract the USGA Course Rating from the adjusted gross score; multiply the difference by 113; and divide the resulting number by the Slope Rating. Round the final number to the nearest tenth.

Handicap Differential = (Adjusted Gross Score - USGA Course Rating) x 113 / Slope Rating

Step 3: Average the Handicap Differential(s) being used

Step 4: Multiply the average by .96 (96%).

Step 5: Delete all numbers after the tenths's digit (truncate). Do not round to the nearest tenth. The resulting figure is your Handicap Index.

Why do I need a USGA Handicap Index?

Anybody can claim a handicap based on their own calculations. This is fine for the most casual golfer, but it holds no weight in a tournament or when doing a serious comparison of scoring potential between players. However, it’s easy to change that by joining a USGA-conforming golf club and getting a USGA Handicap Index.

You’ll need a handicap index to compete in any USGA-sanctioned tournament or event, and to be taken seriously among avid golfers.

By establishing a handicap index through a USGA-conforming golf club, you’ll be using the universally recognized USGA Handicap System to back and maintain the integrity of your handicap. A handicap index also comes with the benefit of portability. Since all USGA-recognized golf courses are assigned a course and slope rating, you’ll be able to easily find your course handicap anywhere you play.

Where do I get a golf handicap index?

Your USGA Handicap Index is available through a golf club licensed to use the Handicap System. By using the DiabloGolf handicap tracker you'll have full access to golf clubs nationwide that can establish and maintain your USGA Handicap Index for you.

DiabloGolf gives you the added freedom of being able to use the USGA Handicap System and view your official USGA Handicap Index right from your mobile device.

DiabloGolf’s suite of features also allow you to:

  • Calculate your golf course handicap with slope and rating info
  • Rate courses and write reviews
  • Use social networking functions to easily find other DiabloGolf members, follow your friends’ handicaps, and even recruit new members from your contact list
  • Locate more than 18,000 golf courses using GPS
  • Post scores instantly
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